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frankly, we offer a series of self-run workshops you can use with our condoms to start a conversation with your community.

Let us show you how our workshops can help you start a conversation.

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when people are handed a condom, they get it. They have heard it all before – a condom just makes sense. We are more interested in the conversation than the marketing.

Let us show you how frankly, condoms can help you start a conversation.

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Our products can be customized to your campaign. frankly, is ready to be tailored to meet your goals, brand style, and messaging. Just talk to us.

We know that everyone has different needs. Let us come up with a solution that works for you.

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frankly, let's just talk

frankly, condoms are meant to be discussed. Between partners, between friends, between educators and between people. Nothing to hide behind, just straight-up conversation.

let us help you start a conversation

Let's take this further...

We are always interested in hearing about your ideas for frankly,

frankly, is meant to be customized to meet your specific audience, needs or concepts. Start by talking to one of our campaign creators to get started.