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Respect Starts Here: How Should Your Partner Show You Respect?

A partnership founded in mutual respect is rooted in balance. When someone puts more into a relationship than he or she gets out of it, profound feelings of disrespect are likely to ensue. But how does one show respect? After all, even the most enviable relationships invariably have moments of dispute. Building empathy, strengthening communication, and practicing active listening are all great ways to show your partner respect, but how can respect be shown in the physical realm?

According to data released by the CDC, the percentage of high school students who report having sex declined from 48 percent in 2007 to 39.5 percent in 2017. This 8.5 percent increase in teenage virginity is, unfortunately, accompanied by a nearly 8 percent decrease in condom use over the same period. Rates of STI transmission have never been higher, and adolescents account for half of new STI cases. These troubling statistics point to an urgent need for prevention measures.

Wearing a condom with your significant other shows that you respect their body and health. Many individuals infected with an STI are unaware of their infection and show no physical symptoms. There’s no way of knowing a person’s status just by looking at them, but you can be certain your partner respects your wellbeing if they use protection.

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